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Garment Care



The YES I CAN ™ T Shirt Garment Care Guidelines Are Set Forth Below.


Please Read The Garment Care Guidelines and Instructions Below and Also The Garment Care Guidelines and Instructions That Appear On The Label Of Your T Shirt or Apparel Garment.



The YES I CAN ™ T Shirt Garments and Apparel are Strong and Made To Last With the Highest Quality Standards. That being said -  We strongly advise that your garment be Machine Washed using cold or warm water only on a Gentle Cycle - or Alternatively It Can Be Washed By Hand using cold or warm waterDo not bleach the garment.  Always Wash white and dark colors separately.  Turn the garment inside out when washing it to help preserve the color of the garment and to preserve and protect the print design color and image details on the garment.  If you chose to have the garment dry cleaned consult with your dry cleaner first to make certain that they can clean the garment successfully without causing damage, discoloration, shrinkage, damage or destruction to the design images on the garment.



We Do Our Utmost To Use Only The Highest Quality Fabrics, Standards and Brands For All Of Our Garments and Apparel in the YES I CAN ™ T Shirt Garment Line So As To Help Maintain Garment Size, Shape, Color Fastness and Design Image Fastness and Integrity.

However, the exacting and varying standards between various manufacturers and the fabrics they use may allow for or result in some discrepancy in sizing, feel, comfort, wearability, durability and quality.



Please note that some shrinkage may or will occur after washing - especially after repeated washing.  Most of the time shrinkage is limited to approximately 5 percent.

Once washed, sizing dimensions may vary or change or some shrinkage may occur depending on the method of care used.  Printed garments should ALWAYS be washed INSIDE OUT to preserve and protect the print design images on the garment.  To help minimize shrinkage the garment can be air dried / line dried if you prefer - though normally this is not necessary. You may also iron the garment but do so ONLY using low to medium heat.

Please note that your garment may shrink over time after repeated washing.  Any and all care and cleaning of the garment depends on various factors and circumstances which may/are beyond our control including but not limited to:

1)  the type of detergent used.

2)  the type of washing machine or cleaning machine method used.

3)  the temperature of the water used to clean the garment.

4)  if you chose to use dry cleaning method to clean the garment.

5)  if and how you hand wash the garment.

6)  the type of and quality of the water used to clean the garment - which varies greatly for different locations around the world and - as applicable - whether you are using well water or city water or some other water source.

7)  the type of method or machine you use to dry the garment.

8)  the type of method or appliance you use to iron the garment.

Great Garment Care Will Give Your YES I CAN ™ T Shirt Garment

A Long Life of Use & Enjoyment.