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The YES I CAN ™ T Shirt Sizes Are According To

The Following Size Chart Specifications.



                                         BODY LENGTH                             CHEST CIRCUMFERENCE

                                Inches            Centimeters              Inches           Centimeters


XS - Extra Small                     26                   66                         28-30              71-76

S - Small                                 28                   71                         32-34              81-86

M - Medium                             29                   74                         36-38              91-96

L - Large                                 30                   76                         40-42              101-107

XL - Extra Large                     31                   78                         44-46              112-117

2XL - Double Extra Large      32                    81                         48-50              122-127


NOTICES:   See The Notices Below Regarding Sizing, Garment Quality and Garment Care.





All Dimensions and Sizing are for Approximation.  Exact measurements may vary slightly from one garment to another garment.  If the length and width you need falls in the middle of two size ranges of the sizing chart then we recommend that you choose the larger size.

To insure that you order the correct size garment, we recommend that you find one of your favorite fitting shirts and lay it out flat on a table. Measure the chest circumference, body width and body length of that garment and then compare it to the sizing charts we have provided herein. This will help assist you and ensure that you order the best size that you desire, want and need.



We Do Our Utmost To Use Only The Highest Quality Fabrics, Standards and Brands For All Of Our Garments and Apparel in the YES I CAN ™ T Shirt Garment Line.

We also do our best and utmost to try to maintain consistent sizing specifications throughout our line of of our Garments and Apparel in the YES I CAN ™ T Shirt Garment Line.

However, the exacting and varying standards between various manufacturers and the fabrics they use may allow for or result in some discrepancy in sizing, feel, comfort, wearability, durability and quality.



Please note that some shrinkage may or will occur after washing - especially after repeated washing.  Most of the time shrinkage is limited to approximately 5 percent.  See the Garment Care Instructions Section For Full Details Regarding Garment Care and Washing.